Provide ODM & OEM Services for Wholesale Drinkware & Kitchenware Products.


You design. We build.

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SHAPE:Your Interest Shape
water bottle size custom
LOGO: Your Brand Logo
water bottle logo-printing
PACKAGE:Your Special Packing
custom water bottle package

The Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence Through Investment And Design

Everichhydro has a strong design capability and develops more than 200 products a year. We research the market for our customers and exclusively design products that match our customers’ brand positioning. Many designs are used by customers and sold exclusively. You can also find us open the market with design advantages.


From A Hand Painting To A Finished Product

From hand-painting to rendering, to 3D models and refining the structure, and finally the model Become a finished product. Everich Hydro has extensive OEM project experience to help our customers turn from Idea to Reality .Your market requires experienced manufacturers.


Patents For Bottle Caps

Supported by patented technology, adding the strict quality control and keeping pace with global marketing trends, Everichhydro attaches importance to brand promotion and management.
With professional talents and strong innovative ability, we have more than 200 patents, including appearance patents, utility model patents, etc. Mainly applied in China, Canada, EU, Japan, etc. We also design for our customers, many designs have registered patents by our customers.

Patent 201930115807.3
Patent 201930115728.2
Patent 201820569000.2

patent 201830569081.6
Patent ZL2015301447997
Patent ZL2016304854330
Patent 201830569011.0
Patent 201930115807.3
Patent 201930115807.3


Red Dot Awarded Drinkware


SMART Bottles

Big data intelligence leads innovation drive.Everich established the Smart Cup R&D Center in 2015, dedicated to multi-functional development and large health management of water cups.For example: drinking water reminder; water temperature regulation; sterilization; own fan, kit, outdoor fill light, etc.


More Innovative Drinkware

We have more than 30 designers dedicated to product innovation and upgrades, and we update the design twice a month for our customers to choose and improve.

how You Can Customize Your Hydro

  • Step one

    Fill out our custom request fom to begin your customization process

  • Step two

    A member of our custom team will reach out to you within 24 hrs of submission to get more detailed information and process the request.

  • step three

    Your business will provide a high-resolution vector graphic of the logo or design you want engraved.

  • step four

    We will send mockups for approval within 48 hours of receiving your geaphic

  • step five

    Once approved, your order will de processed at our state of the art lacer engraving facility

  • step six

    After your order has been processed you will receive ashipping notification when your order is on its way to you

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Company Profile

Since 2000, we have been focused on the manufacture of drinkware and outdoor series for over 20 years.

everich sales team

Meet Our Team

We have a stable and specialized marketing unit and sales team, which can provide efficient and timely services.

everich quality control team

Quality Control

There is a total of 50 QC inspectors in our factory to assure quality of our clients' order.

custom insulated water bottle

Custom Everichhydro

We have a great design team for R&D, more than 200 patents, including appearance patents, utility model patents, etc.

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