Plastic Reusable Water Bottle BPA-free

Product Features:

  • Introducing the Kids plastic reusable water bottle – where safety meets style for the active, growing explorers in your life! Our commitment to your child’s well-being is at the heart of this thoughtfully designed water bottle. Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, this bottle ensures that your little ones stay hydrated without compromising on health and safety. The Kids Water Bottle is more than just a container; it’s a companion for every adventure, encouraging a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle from an early age.
  • Safety is paramount, and parents can rest easy knowing that our plastic reusable water bottle is entirely free from harmful BPA (Bisphenol A) and other potentially hazardous chemicals. We understand the importance of providing a clean and toxin-free hydration solution for your children, and our bottle exceeds industry standards to guarantee their health and well-being. The durable and impact-resistant construction ensures that it can withstand the rough and tumble of kids’ active lifestyles, making it an ideal choice for school, sports, and outdoor activities.
  • The design of the Kids plastic reusable water bottle is as vibrant and dynamic as the children who use it. With an array of playful colors and whimsical patterns, the bottle becomes a personalized accessory that kids will proudly carry. The ergonomic shape and kid-friendly spout make it easy for little hands to grip and drink independently, promoting self-sufficiency and building confidence. The flip-open lid with a secure latch mechanism prevents accidental spills, keeping backpacks and lunch bags dry and mess-free.
  • Versatility is key, and this plastic reusable water bottle is designed to adapt to various situations. The wide-mouth opening allows for effortless filling and cleaning, while the spill-resistant design ensures a hassle-free experience for parents and caregivers. The bottle is also compatible with most cup holders, making it convenient for on-the-go families. Whether it’s water, juice, or a favorite beverage, the Kids Water Bottle is a reliable and stylish hydration solution for every occasion.
  • The reusable nature of this plastic reusable water bottle reduces single-use plastic waste, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious families. By instilling the importance of reusable products early on, children develop a sense of environmental stewardship that will last a lifetime.
  • MOQ: MOQ is 3,000pcs. For our stock reusable plastic water bottles, 500pcs are also available,30 Days Delivery.
  • Logo customization: as per customer’s request- laser engraving, silk screen printing, sublimation transfer, etc. Color customization: various styles and printing technology are available here.


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How to Custom Plastic Reusable Water Bottle?

  • Material Guide: As a professional OEM/ODM water bottle manufacturer in China, we offer a variety of metal, plastic, and other BPA-free materials to manufacture your custom-designed water bottle to meet your requirements.
    Food-Contact Safe
    FDA Compliant
    LFGB Compliant
    Meanwhile, with the environmentally friendly principle, we could provide reusable plastic material for water bottles. Everichhydro has passed certifications, including:
    GRS: GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARDMain Material List of BPA-free water bottles
    BPA-free water bottles have a long list of materials available, ranging from PP, AS, and Tritan to recycled plastics and more.

    Plastic Main Material Type Advantages Disadvantages FDA Compliant BPA Free Material Cost Applications   for Drink Bottle
    Polypropylene   (PP) High-strength plastic resin with extremely high resistance to heat, moisture, and   chemicals It has limited use in high temperatures as it suffers from chain degradation which can lead to oxidization. YES YES Low Lid; Cap; Cover; Plastic bottle/tumbler
    Acrylonitrile-Styrene (AS) Solvent resistance; High Strength Insufficient toughness; May gradually turn yellow after prolonged use YES YES Low Lid; Cap; Cover
    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Good mechanical and thermal properties; High hardness; Easy metal plating on the   surface; Fatigue resistance and stress cracking resistance; High impact   strength; Chemical corrosion resistance, such as acid and alkali; Easy to   process and form Poor weather resistance; Not UV resistant; Easy to age under hot oxygen   conditions; Poor dissolution resistance YES YES Low Parts with hardness and wear resistance requirements, such as buttons and gears of   the cup lid, lid, or cover
    Polycarbonate (PC) High impact strength; Good creep resistance; Good heat resistance; Low embrittlement temperature (-130 °C);   High transparency; Good dielectric properties; Good dimensional stability Contains BPA; Poor solvent resistance; Easy to crack; Easy to hydrolyze when immersed   in boiling water for a long time; Poor fatigue strength NO YES Middle The functional part on bottle/tumbler/flask/cup/container and its cover & lid
    TRITAN (PCTG) Good transparency; Strong impact strength; Hydrolysis resistance; High-temperature resistance; Easy processing; Good toughness; Chemical resistance It will be deformed at high temperatures. Deformation and cracking may occur when   the temperature exceeds 94 degrees Celsius YES YES High Bottle/flask/mug/cup/container/vessel   jug and its cap, cover & lid
    Recycled Plastic Preventing plastic pollution. Save energy. High MOQ; Processing technology is complex and difficult YES YES Very High Bottle and its cap, cover & lid
  • Cute Plastic Water Bottle: We have more than 200 patents, including appearance patents, utility model patents, etc. Mainly applied in China, Canada, EU, Japan, etc. We also design for our customers, many designs have been registered patents by our customers.
    • Logo Printing: We can customize your own brand logo. We are available of making silkscreen print, laser engraved, embossed logo, heat transfer print, 4D print, sublimation transfer, etc to represent your company’s personality and brand.


    • Packaging Box: We have a variety of packaging methods, including egg crate, white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc to ensure that your products are in good condition during transportation.

Packaging Box water bottle options

  • Logistics & Delivery: You can choose to have your orders sent via sea, air, or railway when available. The freedom to choose your shipment method gives you more control over lead-time for your orders.

frequently asked questions

Usually, our MOQ is 3,000pcs. But we accept lower quantities for your trial order. Please feel free to tell us how many pieces you need, we will calculate the cost correspondingly, hoping you can place large orders after checking the quality of our products and know our service. Any questions you can contact us, we will respond fast to your request.

It takes 30 days for MOQ. We have a large automation production capacity, which can ensure fast delivery time even for large quantities. By using the robot system to do labor work, the efficiency has been significantly improved and the labor cost has been sharply reduced. Everich is in a good position to handle your project in a short time and offer your drinkware products of high quality. Please inquiry us now, tell us your ideas and needs and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Of course, we are professional in OEM/ODM projects and we protect all the designs of every client, we will sign NDA if needed to ensure that we won’t send your artwork to any other clients and won’t sell your OEM items to anyone else. Any questions please send us your inquiry.

We have rich experience in manufacturing drinkware and containers with custom shapes, caps, Logo print, Surface Finish, packages, etc. We have more than 200 patents, including appearance patents, utility model patents, etc. Mainly applied in China, Canada, EU, Japan, etc. We also design for our clients, many designs have registered patents by our clients.
Size/Capacity: 14oz, 18oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz,128 oz or other customized capacity.
Multiple Replacement Caps/Lids: straw lid, sports lid, handle lid, stainless steel cap, spout lid, flip lid, etc
Surface Finish: Brushed stainless steel, Spraying, Powder Coating, Gradient Ramp, 4D Sculpture, Water Transfer, Air Transfer, Heat Transfer,
Logo Printing: We can customize your own brand logo. We are available of making silkscreen print, laser engraved, embossed logo, heat transfer print, 4D print, sublimation transfer, etc. If you have your own logos, the next thing you have to do is pick up a processing technique and wait for the final products.
Packaging box: egg crate, white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc.
Please click here to visit for more details on customization options.

Sure. We usually provide existing samples for free, but a little sample charge for custom designs. Samples charge is refundable when the order is up to a certain quantity. We usually send samples by FEDEX, UPS, TNT, or DHL. If you have a carrier account, it will be fine to ship with your account, if not, you can pay the freight charge to our Paypal, we will ship with our account.
It takes about 2-4 days to reach. If you want your own designs, it takes 5-7 days, subject to your designs whether they need a new printing screen, etc. Click here to get your sample now!

We can provide LFGB, REACH, FDA, BPA, and other related certificates or testing reports.

We have experienced design and technical team, Served over 200 brand clients worldwide. If you want bulid your own design, So you can provide JPG, AI, cdr or PDF, etc. We will make 3D drawing for mold or printing screen for your final confirmation based on technique. Any questions you can contact us, we will respond fast to your request.

For Payment: Our normal payment term is T/T 30% deposite after order signed and 70% against copy of B/L. We also accept L/C at sight
For Shipping: EXPRESS,SEA OR AIR are all available.
We will suggest high cost performance delivery method for your refer.

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