What’s The Difference Between Stainless Steel Tumbler Powder Coating And Spray Painting Process

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There are two major surface finish treatments used in decorating techniques for stainless steel water bottles and tumblers: powder coating and spray painting. The popular question is which one is better for drinkware? What are the pros and cons of each? How do you choose different methods for different materials or styles of water bottles? Today, in this article, we will give you a whole explanation of these questions.

Process Principle Comparison:

Spray painting is a simple and commonly used surface treatment process that is done by putting paint into a container and spraying it onto the product in the form of a mist under pressure with machinery and equipment to form a film of paint, which is widely used in the fields of ships, locomotives, bridges, machinery, etc. The main function of spraying is to protect the product or semi-finished product from rust and corrosion and also to make it look more beautiful. The main role of spray paint is also to protect the product or semi-finished product to prevent rust and corrosion, but it also plays a decorative role so that the product looks more beautiful.

In the process of spraying, the powder coating in the container is sent to the spray gun mouth by means of compressed air, and high-voltage static electricity will be generated at the front end of the spray gun mouth, and an electrostatic field will be formed. When the paint powder passes through this electrostatic field, it will discharge them, and finally, each powder will become charged paint ions, under the action of electrostatic force, when it is sprayed, it will be attracted by the products with opposite polarity, and thus adsorbed on the surface of the water bottle/tumbler products.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Powder Coating And Spray Painting

The powder coating process is slightly more complicated, but the quality is better, and the service life is much longer than the finished product of spraying paint. Stronger surface adhesion, which is not easy to burn, can protect the metal surface for a longer time.

Powder coating is safer and more environmentally friendly. The paint contains certain organic solvents that are easily volatile in the air, produce exhaust gas, have poor environmental protection, and pose a higher fire danger than plastic spraying.

The leveling of spray paint is better than that of powder coating. Spray paint with solvents, additives, and resins, and the molecular structure of the leveling plays a great role. Powder coating does not, so often the orange effect.

Spray paint can be repaired, while the powder coating cannot. In the process of spraying paint, the air film caused by too much numbness or scratches can be repaired at any time because the paint has the function of recoating.

The flexibility (bending) of spray-painted bottles is better than powder-coated bottles.

Spray paint is more decorative. The appearance of spray paint is dozens of times greater than that of powder coating and can make the same material into different effects. For example, it can make plastic, wood, paper, cloth, leather, and other non-metallic substances into aluminum.

The following is a detailed introduction to the spray and paint processes.

Stainless Steel Bottle Powder Coating Process

Powder coating does not contain any additives; it is a 100% solid coating. Its manufacture, transportation, storage, and construction solve the pollution problem caused by solvents, improve the labor conditions of the operators, and are conducive to their health.

To simplify the coating process, the powder coating process only requires three processes, such as spraying, curing, cooling, etc., a film. It greatly simplifies the coating process, shortens the production cycle, and the products can be produced on the same day. In powder coating electrostatic coating, the configuration of automatic coating machinery and recovery cycle system can form an automatic production. This saves energy and resources and improves production efficiency.

High utilization rate of powder coating, powder coating can be directly applied to the exterior of the coated object, after baking and circumferential formation of the coating chamber. The uncoated powder can be recycled and fed into the powder supply system; the utilization rate of powder coating is more than 95%.

Powder coating film has good performance, consolidation, and durability. Powder coatings can be used at room temperature, are insoluble in solvents, are not easy to dissolve, and are not liquid polymer resins. In the preparation or film formation of powder coatings, there is no solvent participation or release and no pinholes through the coating film, so the coating film is dense.

Stainless Steel Bottle Spray Painting Process

Wide Range Of Varieties And Choices.

According to the film-forming substances in our country, they will be divided into seventeen categories of paint. The production of a variety of paint has reached thousands of varieties, and new varieties are still emerging. Targeted selection of paint, with a view to arriving at the relatively most correct painting effect.

Fast Construction, Good Flatness, No Texture Difference

Paint is mainly used for visual aesthetics, smoothness, and gloss of the surface effect; the coating is relatively thin, like the surface effect of the car, which can only be done with paint.

Higher Skill Requirements

A one-time investment in equipment is small. The air spraying method is currently the most widely used construction method for painting manufacturers, suitable for medium and small painting operations. With simple construction. Paint Teng is uniform, smooth, and flat. The required equipment is only a spray gun, an air compressor, an oil and water separator, and the necessary air hoses and other accessories. Compared with the equipment investment of hundreds of thousands and millions of vehicles in the plastic spraying process, a one-time investment in equipment is less, has a low production cost, and has fast capital recovery.

From stainless steel raw materials to manufacturing, painting, testing, transportation, and after-sales service, all processes of Everich water bottle production are strictly controlled by a professional quality management system. You can choose different decoration methods for your stainless steel water bottles according to your needs; please feel free to contact us if any questions.

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