How To Carry Out Standard Insulated Water Bottle Quality Control?

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With the increasingly high water bottle quality requirements of consumers, today’s insulated water bottle market is getting competitive. Under this condition, product quality control is especially crucial to the enterprise for occupying a certain place in the water bottle market. Meanwhile, product quality is closely related to the quality control management mode established by the factory.

Everichhydro has carried out the standard quality control management from manufacturing water bottles. In this article, let us learn how we ensure all insulated water bottlers are tested and qualified. Generally, we divide the whole quality control process into 8 process parts, including raw material inspection, metal processing, vacuum test, polish inspection, spray performance test, injection molding, packaging, and final quality control.

I. Raw Material Inspection-Stainless Steel Coil

We ensure all raw materials are tested and qualified before entering the manufacturing phase. We have more tests to ensure the reliability of raw materials. Our inspection technologies provide accurate data reading, and they are backed up by the sharp senses of our inspectors, allowing us to faithfully meet your specifications. The key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in the strict inspection of every process.
Raw material inspection includes material thickness testing, material testing, and salt spray testing.
First of all, it is necessary to make confirmation and inspection of the thickness and material of stainless steel coils. Under the foreseeable use conditions, we should ensure the reliability of the selected materials, allowing us to faithfully meet your specifications.
The following process is a salt spray test for 24 hours with a 5% saline concentration. The purpose of the salt spray test is to assess the quality of the salt spray corrosion resistance of the material. Provide effective information for material and process selection, as well as structural design. Improve the salt spray resistance of products.

II. Metal Processing

The manufacturing process (dimensional testing): check whether the product’s dimensions meet the requirements of the drawing. Ensure no obvious knife marks, patterns, pitting, cracking, or other defects.
Capacity test: deviation is allowed to be within ±5% of the nominal capacity.
Leak test in the liner: open the inflatable switch to inflate the inner cavity of the workpiece. Pull down the handle so that the workpiece is immersed in water, and see if the workpiece is bubbling, no bubbling at all for qualified products, bubbling for unqualified products.

III. Vacuum Test

“Vacuuming” is the process of passing a stainless steel water bottle through a vacuum oven with the aid of an aspirant.

The purpose of vacuuming is to remove the air from the interlayer of the stainless steel double-layer bottle. The complete process consists of exhausting and sealing the bottom in two parts, after exhausting the vacuum effect between the double-layer and then by sealing, so that the interlayer of the water bottle can be in a long-term vacuum state.

IV. Polish Inspection

The first step is a full appearance inspection. Polished qualified products with fine and even surface filigree and no undesirable defects. Check the surface cleanliness of the product to ensure that it is clean, free of greasy dirt, and dried without watermarks. After this part, it is the second vacuuming process.

V. Spray Performance Test

Full inspection of appearance: check the spray effect.
Paint adhesion testing: by cross-cut tester, the finished pattern is classified into six classes to assess the resistance of the coating to separate from the substrate. It is mainly used for the determination of adhesion.
The inspector will cut 100 grids on painting, and use tape to stick them. Check if there is a large area peeled off.
Take the third vacuuming process.

VI. Injection Molding

Water bottle lid dimensional inspection: check whether the lid dimensions meet the requirements of the drawing.
Lid fit test: check the fit and sealing of the lid and bottle body. Screw in the swivel to make sure it fits freely.

VII. Packaging

Full inspection of product appearance on the production line.
Product drop test: check the performance of the product and record the results of the test after each drop.
Lid torsion test: the torque value is one of the key process parameters controlled by water bottle manufacturers. Whether the torque value is appropriate has a great impact on the product transportation and final market, which also is an important product indicator.
Stable check: put bottles on a board tilted at an angle. If the bottle is not flat, the bottle will fall, or it will stay on the level.
Leakage test: fill with hot water screw the lid tight and place the bottle upside down on cardboard, and then stay 30 minutes. Check whether the cardboard is wet or not.

VIII. Final Quality Control

Carton drop test: it is an important part of the reliability test for insulated water bottles. As a professional water bottle manufacturer, we attach great importance to this part. Any packaging must be passed the drop test to improve product reliability and customer satisfaction.
Packaging and transport simulation test: product packaging should be dry, complete, and clean, with instructions for use and certificates of conformity attached. During transportation, loading, and unloading with care, it is strictly forbidden to throw, roll and step on.
The final quality control inspection is the last guarantee that the product is fully compliant with the customer’s requirements.
Our quality control and manufacturing departments work in tandem in every phase and process. Producing quality stainless steel water bottles is a team effort requiring the joint support of the line operators, manufacturing, and packaging management. The Everichhydro water bottle defects inspection checks the finish of products and gives a detailed report on all possible defects, including the photo and the standard name of the defect.

Nowadays, people are taking more concern about the product quality they purchase. At Everichhydro, our quality control management and inspection team do everything necessary to ensure the insulated water bottle quality. When you choose Everichhydro, you are choosing from a supplier that keeps your health, hydration, and modern lifestyle.


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