How To Choose Wholesale Water Bottle Surface Coating?

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The significance of ensuring a professional appearance for the final packaging of a product is becoming a growing trend among numerous bottle manufacturers. The emphasis on branding has reached new heights in their priorities. Water bottle manufacturers strive to prevent labels from detaching or logos from being printed inadequately, as these issues can lead to a perception of low quality or inferior craftsmanship. To mitigate such problems, manufacturers now prioritize surface treatment for the bottles, ensuring an optimal surface for adherence and printing.

Learn how to make your water bottles stand out with expert logo printing and surface treatment methods. Our ultimate guide covers everything from different techniques to choosing the best plan for your design.

Spray Painting

Painting, also known as spraying. Spraying is a coating method that is applied to the object’s surface to be coated by means of a spray gun or disc atomizer, and dispersed into uniform and fine droplets by means of pressure or centrifugal force.

Pearlescent Paint: Pearlescent paint, also known as pearl paint or pearlized paint, is a type of automotive or decorative paint that contains special pigments to create a shimmering, iridescent effect similar to that of pearls. This type of paint is famous for adding a unique and eye-catching finish to various surfaces.

Glossy Paint: Glossy paint refers to a type of paint finish that produces a high sheen, reflective surface with a smooth and shiny appearance. It is a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications, offering a sleek and polished look.

Matte Paint: Matte paint refers to a type of paint finish that produces a non-reflective, flat surface with a low sheen. It is characterized by its smooth, velvety appearance and is a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Painting FAQ

What kind of logo processing is the painting bottle suitable for?

Thanks to the smooth surface, the spray-painted bottle is suitable for most logo processes, pearlescent paint and the glossy paint surface are smoother than matte paint and suitable for water applique, and UV print, so the logo will be more solid.

How many colors can be sprayed with the same bottle?

This depends on the automatic line equipment, how many spray guns are in the equipment, and how many colors spray.

How is the color difference generated?

Spray paint is made by mixing raw materials from the paint factory and then mixing them with the spray paint factory itself. There will be deviations in colors. In addition, with the same color of different batches of mixing materials, there will be some slight deviation.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a marking method that uses a high energy density laser to locally irradiate the bottle surface, causing the surface coating to vaporize or undergo a chemical reaction of color change, thus leaving a permanent mark. Laser marking can produce a variety of words, symbols, and patterns, etc.


Can be marked on any shaped surface without deformation of the workpiece.

Fast processing speed and low cost. Laser processing is automatically controlled by a computer.

Fineness is equipment related and can reach a millimeter scale, with good durability.


Marking time is proportional to the size of the pattern area.

Conventional laser marking has no color.

The laser marking pattern can be good on the plane, and less on roller-shaped.

UV Printing

UV printing is the curing process using ultraviolet light through a certain degree of irradiation on the bottle of the pattern, so that it is instantly cured, gloss and firmness more ideal.


The ink can be printed repeatedly, the ink layer is thicker and the three-dimensional feeling is obvious.

The same cup can print a variety of glossy or matte patterns.

Most cups can be printed.

Pattern without seams.


Special requirements for paint and temperature.

The color is not bright enough.

Can not do gold and silver in two colors.

Higher cost.

Water Applique

Water applique, the decal that can be used only after water immersion treatment. It is a new transfer technology that uses water as a carrier to separate the pattern from the backing paper and then transfer it to the substrate to realize the principle of indirect printing.


Shaped surface applique.

Can make a hot stamping effect.

The vivid image of the pattern, rich and clear colors.


High labor cost, slow production speed.

Requirement for primer baking temperature.

Due to manual paste, the pattern height of each cup will be different.

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