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A survey by the United States Popular Color Research Center shows that there is a “7-second rule”. When people choose goods, face with a dazzling array of goods, people can determine whether they are interested in these goods in only seven seconds. In this short and critical 7 seconds, the role of color accounted for 67%, which becomes a decision to the goods like an important factor. The first impression of the wholesale water bottle product may arouse consumers’ interest and hope to have further understanding in terms of function, quality and other aspects. If the visual design of goods is perfunctory, what is lost is not only a concern but also a business opportunity. In this short span of 7 seconds, the decisive factor of color is 67%, which is the “color marketing” theoretical basis appearing in the 1980s.

The Colour Theory has brought a powerful all-round effect to every person, every business and even successful brands in the world. Many enterprises have seized the opportunity to use colour theory for product marketing, and countless others have succeeded. Colour marketing strategies have been implemented abroad since the 1980s and are now widely used. In recent years, Chinese companies are also paying more and more attention to the role of colour in product marketing.

The Appeal of Brand Colours

It can instantly arouse emotions, creating a corresponding physical and psychological response. It can make a connection between you, consciously or unconsciously. Its influence is not only limited to what you decide to buy, eat and wear, but it can also influence how you live your life. It also tells people who you are and what your personality is like.

In our daily work many designers ask if colour can really be owned, or if brand colour is really that important. First of all, I think we have to understand why a company is willing to spend a lot of money to build a brand, or even exclusive.

Because a brand is not just a symbol, a standard brand colour brings immeasurable value to the company, so you will see that Coca-Cola is red and Pepsi is blue.

How Do You Make a Personalized Wholesale Water Bottle?

        1. Investigating the consumer market and producing products that are needed in the market can make enterprises profitable. Therefore, the first step is of course to understand what kind of goods consumers want. To use color properly, we must understand what information and emotion consumers need to convey to them by the product itself or the color created by the product provider to meet their purchase expectations. For example, if the enterprise produces a high-tech product, consumers will definitely favor cool colors such as blue and green, as well as colors with low lightness and poor contrast. Although they cannot strongly impact the vision in an instant, they give people a calm and stable feeling, making people feel its scientific nature and reliability. If the enterprise adopts warm colors such as red, orange and yellow as well as colors with strong contrast, although it has strong visual impact on people, gives people a sense of excitement and can attract people’s attention to the goods, it cannot give consumers the trust that this kind of commodity should give.
        2. Setting the product image
          The product image is set by identifying the target audience and the strategic position of the company’s products, taking into account information such as trends and customer preferences.
        3. The concept of color image
          Summarize the above basic image concept, consider the combination of colors, the color of packaging, the shape, material and pattern of the commodity itself, and select the specific color. The enterprise will launch different products, different shapes, patterns, etc., but a specific color will become the base color of all commodities, representing the image of the enterprise.
        4. Launch a sales plan
          The implementation of the sales plan should be able to leave a deep impression on the customers. Its successful operation should rely on the color image strategy such as the commodity itself, packaging, publicity materials, instructions, commodity display, etc.
        5. Establish information management system
          Collect data, master “what sells best” and “why sells best” two main points, verify the color marketing strategy, at the same time establish the business information data system, use the color marketing accumulated data, more effectively provide help for the color marketing strategy.

        Water bottle buyers also know the importance of product color. They also pay attention to the color of the water bottle. However, when you want to order a batch of red water bottles, you find that it is time-consuming and laborious to communicate with the wholesale water bottle manufacturer.

        Discuss the color requirements:

        You must communicate with the wholesale water bottle factory what color the product needs, such as: you need red, because the results of the communication will directly effect the production process cost of the following items. What sort of red, though, is it? Mandarin? Pink? red roses? In truth, the wholesale water bottle factory’s method of color communication is unclear. You’re in trouble if you encounter a factory that is unskilled or that doesn’t have enough capacity.

        The goal of seasoned water bottle factories is excellent work efficiency. The knowledgeable wholesale water bottle manufacturer will respond, “We are Fine to produce the water bottles with the color you desire,” about the complex subject of color communication. Please verify and advise the Pantone color code, though. It is shrewd because there are more than a hundred different shades of red that can be found in nature. Blue is also.

        How Can I Get Wholesale Water Bottles In My Favorite Color?

        You may already be familiar with the general stages, astute readers, from the foregoing. A reputable wholesale water bottle factory that can create any custom color water cup utilizing a variety of methods is the first thing you need to find.

        The second necessity is effective color communication. You only need to supply one of the three information requirements listed below, and we can mass-produce the cup in the desired color.

        The color’s Pantone code, which you can use to buy it. (We use the Pantone Matching System to match colors. Simply inform us of the Pantone color code you require. We’ll coordinate the colors.)
        Send us a sample of the cup in the desired color.
        Logo file in jpg, ai, or eps format if you want to use logo color for the wholesale water bottles.

        Reliable Water Bottle Manufacturer in China

        Choosing Everichhydro as your wholesale water bottle manufacturer allows you to reduce your operating expenses while enjoying the benefits that our water bottle products can give you. With more than 20 decades in water bottle wholesale manufacturing, we embrace automation and invest a lot into it to stay competitive in the industry. By using the robot system to do labor work, the efficiency has been significantly improved and greatly meets the standards of our customers.


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