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For a camping-cum-photographer, how do you make aesthetic or practical choice on drinkwares? With regard to drinkwares most people would choose a stainless steel growler or a glass growler. But which is more suitable for sharing during camping trips?
Here is a comparison of the two different types of growler to provide camping enthusiasts with the best choice for your beer growler wholesale business.

The Pros of a Glass Growler

  1. Transparency: the glass material allows light to pass through the body of growler, making the capacity inside clearly visible.
  2. Environmental friendliness: the glass material is one of the recognized environmental materials.
  3. Aesthetics: the surface of the glass can be textured, making it much more aesthetically pleasing.Because of its purity and flawlessness, glass is often regarded as the substance closest to the soul. As a result, glass has become a common decorative item.

The Cons of a Glass Growler

  1. Fragility: glass is a fragile material and not easy to carry around. Once damaged when out and it will not work any more.
  2. Poor heat preservation: for some hot or cold drinks, it cannot keep warm continuously. Many beverages change in taste once the temperature changes. Only suitable for storing beverages that do not need specific temperatures.
  3. Individual weight: beer kegs made of glass can be relatively heavy and more difficult to transport when filled with drinks.

The Pros of an Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

  1. Thermal insulation: most of the stainless steel growler will use double-wall vacuum stainless steel structure to confirm the insulation performance, basically able to “keep hot for 12 hours and keep cold for 24 hours”. You can always enjoy a warm coffee or a cold beer.
  2. Sturdiness: stainless steel can ensure stable structure, which is not easily broken and ideal for carrying out. Greatest security of water for your travels.
  3. Environmental friendliness: this is the same as glass, and in recent years recycled stainless steel drinkware has developed and recyclability has enhanced.

The Cons of an Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

  1. Not resistant to long-term acids and bases: some beverages are not suitable for long-term storage in stainless steel and may have an impact on the stainless steel interior. Or it may leave an odour that affects later use after storage.
  2. High price: compared to glass beer kegs, stainless steel material is more expensive. Especially for large capacity growler, there can be a relatively large difference in price compared to glass kegs of the same capacity.
  3. Poor visibility: the interior is completely invisible, so it is impossible to confirm the remaining internal capacity with the naked eye, and it is also difficult to clean. More cleaning brushes are often required to assist with internal cleaning.

How Long Does Beer Last In An Insulated Growler?

An insulated growler is also going to keep your beer cold for a long time. Most stainless steel growlers will keep your beer (or other beverage) cold for 24+ hours, which means you can bring your beer on your next camping trip, hike, or road trip to the beach and enjoy it at the right temperature.

All in all, although both have their advantages and disadvantages, stainless steel growler are absolutely the better choice based on the performance of the product needed for camping: insulated and drop-proof.

Besides to this, the aesthetics of the stainless steel beer kegs can enhance by adding customization content such as colors, logos and special designed lids etc. Everichhydro growlers are made of high quality stainless steel standard with double wall vacuum insulation, also to good insulation. We also offer a wider choice of capacities and shapes.

Everichhydro beer growlers in bulk are made of insulated stainless steel for beer, particularly robust. Its superb thermal insulation performance enables you to enjoy ice cold beer whenever you want, wherever you are, whether it’s hot outside or in a warm interior.

Beer growlers made of stainless steel are in style. Thermal insulation technology enables you to experience the allure of sweat-free cold weather enjoyment. Technology such as powder coating or pattern transfer printing gives life a sense of science and technology. Welcome are OEM and ODM.

For example, a growler with a handle is convenient to carry. The new lid is designed with its own cup for easy drinking. Smart temperature display is to check the temperature of the beverage inside. If you choose to embark on a journey, why not choose the best quality products to guarantee your experience?

Everichhydro, a supplier of water bottles that brings you a better journey.
Stable Quality. Innovative Design. Fast Shipment. We are ready to be your solid partner.


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