How To Get Wholesale Insulated Water Bottles In Bulk?

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Looking for wholesale insulated water bottles in bulk? You can come to Everichhydro and cooperate with us for your business. We offer a choice of insulated tumblers in different styles and capacities. Everichhydro always provides you with high-quality products, reasonable wholesale prices, and more custom options. As one of the leading water bottle suppliers and manufacturers in China, Everich And Tomic Housewares Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Everichhydro”) has been deeply engaged in the stainless steel water bottle for over 20 years, focusing on research and development of drinkware products.

Focus On Wholesale Insulated Water Bottle Research And Development To Achieve Technological Breakthroughs

Although water bottle is a daily drinking utensils, now with the increasing subdivision of product categories, wholesale insulated water bottle companies also pay more attention to new technologies, new materials, and new processes of research and development. Chinese water bottle products gradually move towards intelligent, high-end. Major water bottle brands are also in the transformation and upgrading, seeking technical breakthroughs to meet the needs of users in different markets, populations, and scenarios.

Continuous Innovation Ushers In Product Upgrades

Founded in 2000, Everichhydro strictly selects materials and is committed to bringing safe and reliable wholesale insulated water bottle products and services to users. In terms of product innovation, from wholesale insulated water bottles and BPA-free water bottles wholesale products, tumblers and mugs, to temperature-controlled and smart water bottles, Everichhydro has insight into consumer needs and explores environmentally friendly and safe drinkware materials.

In addition, Everichhydro has its own innovation R&D center to make efforts in product design innovation, structural process innovation, and standardization establishment to increase original and differentiated product development. Everichhydro builds a team of professional talents, increases R&D investment, solidifies technical barriers through continuous process technology improvement and innovation, and builds up a competitive advantage in process technology.

The Chinese water bottle industry is developing well and the market scale keeps growing fast. Our water bottle factories are focusing on the deep-segmented needs of consumers and scenario-based development may become the core of competition. Innovation research and development is the core driving force of Everichhydro, relying on the technical advantages and reserves accumulated over the years. In the future will further develop the field of intelligent water bottles and explore more innovative products.

Knowledge About Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The wholesale insulated water bottle is generally made of stainless steel and a vacuum layer. With a top cover, sealed tightly, a vacuum insulation layer can be installed in the internal water and other liquids to delay heat dissipation to achieve heat preservation. Heat is transmitted in three ways: radiation, convection, and conduction. The silver bladder in the insulated water bottle can reflect the radiation of hot water, and the vacuum in the bladder and body can block the transfer of heat, while the bottle that is not easy to transfer heat can prevent heat convection.

Type 304, 201, and 316 Stainless Steel

Currently, 304 stainless steel is internationally recognized as food-grade (processing and holding) stainless steel with high nickel content and excellent acid and alkali resistance. It is also one of the most commonly used materials for vacuum cups. At present, 316 stainless steel is often used as a selling point on the market, which is added with 2% molybdenum on the basis of 304. It belongs to medical grade stainless steel. It has stronger oxidation resistance and high-temperature resistance. There is no expansion and contraction due to heat expansion and contraction. Therefore, it is often used to make precision parts. That since 304 can be used to make high-quality vacuum cups, why will there be 316? In fact, a closer look at the characteristics of 316 stainless steel, we can indeed find that 316 used in the vacuum cup is really a bit overqualified, take high-temperature resistance to this point, for example, 304 high-temperature thresholds 800 degrees Celsius, 316 high temperature 1200~1300 degrees Celsius, we vacuum cup use process is absolutely less than 800 degrees Celsius threshold.

Recommended Capacity of Insulated Water Bottles

As for the capacity of the stainless steel water bottles, we usually have 20oz and 30oz. Different capacity is suitable for children and adults to drink milk, wine, beer, coffee, cocktails, fruit and vegetable juice, or any beverage. 20oz water bottle is ideal for everyday use and will fit most car cups, and holders. 30oz water bottle is suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and traveling. Besides, we have other sizes for your choice or customization.

Various Straws And Lids For Your Choice

Everichhydro also has plenty of matching lids that are splashproof and heat-resistant. Everichhydro water bottles come with different lids such as straw lids, flip lids, and so on. They are designed to leak proof and easy to use. Drink freely and easily. Besides, we also offer silicone straw lids which allow you to enjoy your beverage in a convenient way.

Everichhydro is a well-known drinkware & kitchenware manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We have been working with clients of different sizes looking for durable and non-toxic bulk drinkware and wholesale kitchenware.

We offer types of drinkware including water bottles, tumblers & mugs, beer & wine series. Aside from this, we also have types of kitchenware covering coffee pots, food storage & lunch box, and small kitchen appliance. Our wholesale drinkware and kitchenware also come in different sizes and shapes.


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