How to Import Small Kitchen Appliances from China: Ultimate Guide

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With the popularity of various food programs and short videos on the Internet, more and more small kitchen appliances are appearing in everyone, and many people will be impressed by those beautiful-looking small appliances at a glance. With the continuous saturation of the demand for large appliances, small kitchen appliances will become the future star of the home appliance industry. So, in which direction will small appliances develop in the future?

The answer is Personalization. Future demand for small appliances will certainly develop in the direction of diversification, so always meeting consumers’ different needs will be the main competition point for small appliance manufacturers.

At present, kitchen appliances can be described as a wide range of products, a small kitchen, accommodating more and more appliances. Kitchen space has also become a sore point in the life of most consumers. In this article, we will mainly introduce 6 types of small kitchen appliances that will bring you business and how to import those appliances from China. If you are into selling small kitchen appliances, read this article to know about the most in-demand wholesale products and where to find manufacturers in China.

6 Types of Small Kitchen Appliances will Bring You Business

Toasters Ovens

A toaster oven is a common kitchen appliance used primarily for baking bread slices, usually including a multifunction oven, insulated oven top, special lifting device, etc. The more advanced ones also include a detachable crumb tray. It has different functions and can be divided by the bread placing way, the adjusting function way, and the control structure. What you can generally see are jump-up, automatic-manual adjustment, and time-controlled toaster ovens. A special baking bread appliance has a full range of functions. Baked out of the taste is also authentic, and delicious, such as adjustable baking char, thawing and then baking, and turning the heat, and the toaster oven has many advantages. It is more compact, easy to use, safe, and powerful than the electric baking oven is also smaller, saving electricity.

Toast oven-baked bread crisp, you can modulate different tastes. Home cooking breakfast, often toasted bread, and a glass of milk. Ordinary square bread baked out can also be added to their taste with peanut butter, milk, or cheese. With the development of society, wholesale small kitchen appliances gradually into the lives of the public, you can see that the public’s way of life is gradually changing, and different from the past, people will be more relaxed to enjoy life.

Coffee Maker

Although in terms of broad categories, there is only one type of electric coffee maker left. There is also a regular coffee maker that is only used for brewing coffee, a two-in-one coffee maker that can grind its own coffee beans, and an Italian-style steam coffee maker that can make milk froth. If you are a 9 to 5 worker with limited time, then a cheap regular coffee maker is a good choice. Of course, there are many coffee pots that are very practical and can make the taste more unique. Like the siphon pot, it is suitable for coffee: slightly acidic, medium-bodied coffee grind, slightly coarser than powder, and close to extra fine granulated sugar.

Siphon coffee that turns the living room into a café. Siphon-brewed coffee is the favorite of many coffee fans. Some say because it extracts the most perfect part of the coffee, especially if the coffee beans have that crisp and bright acid in their characteristics, and the acid has a mellow flavor, the siphon brewing method can bring out the best of this coffee. There are also Moka pots. Moka pot is used to extract espresso tools, divided into two parts, water in the lower part of the boiling to produce steam pressure; boiling water rises, through the upper part of the filter pot with coffee powder; when the coffee flow to the upper part, the fire will be turned down, if the temperature is too high will make the coffee produce a burnt taste.


Manual blenders are commonly made of stainless steel and are used for whipping cream, egg whites, etc. There are different sizes, choose the size you need according to your needs. It is one of the essential baking tools when making pastry. A manual blender is mainly used for mixing eggs, whipping cream, and mixing ingredients. The denser and harder iron bars are preferred. Electric blenders are faster and tend to make the batter glutenous when making cakes, so it is better to use a hand blender to mix the batter. If you don’t have an electric blender, you can still make perfect pastry with a hand blender. It just takes a lot of physical labor.

Air Fryer

The air fryer works on the principle of “high-speed air circulation technology”, which generates hot air by heating the heat pipe inside the machine at a high temperature, and then using a fan to blow the high-temperature air into the pan to heat the food, so that the hot air is circulated in a closed space, using the food itself to fry the food, so that the food is dehydrated and the surface becomes golden and crispy. To achieve the effect of frying. So, the wholesale air fryer is actually a simple oven with a fan.

LOW-FAT AND HEALTH: this is also the biggest publicity point of the air fryer, especially for its own fat-rich food, completely without oil, but also to force out part of the fat; low-fat food + fried taste becomes a selling point; the actual effect is indeed so, part of the raw materials do not contain fat to brush some cooking oil taste will be better; compared with the traditional way, the specific taste differences with the food category (later to talk about the difference with the oven will say) ;
HIGH EFFICIENCY: fryer’s capacity itself is on the small side, basically within 10L, heating up quickly, without preheating, basically within 20 minutes to make the finished product.
SIMPLE OPERATION: prepare the raw materials (meat to marinate well), and set the temperature and time on the computer’s micro-controlled version, there are preset menus, and a key operation; safety: the current fryer basically supports power-off memory, open that power off; closed space, no splash oil.


With the development of technology, fast, safe, convenient, and full use of energy has become the main feature of the kettle. By the twenty-first century, it has become a global best-seller. Electric kettles use steam intelligent induction temperature control, with automatic power off after the water boils, and an anti-dry burning power off function. With the needs of life, the current electric kettle is also developing in the direction of multi-function, such as leak-proof, anti-scalding, water lock, etc. The electric kettle has the advantages of fast heating speed, good insulation, strong filtering function, and many styles. Electric kettle development so far, in addition to functional progress, in the appearance of non-stop improvement, from the previous round flat, in the cylindrical appearance, and then to the column type appearance, from ordinary stainless steel to brushed material, and plastic material, the beautiful appearance of the electric kettle is also decorating our lives. Of course, the last point, the humane design is not missing. The kettle body design is more simple and more gorgeous, and the power cord is hidden design to avoid cumbersome, in line with the concept of modern home fashion style; the non-slip handle is convenient and safe, showing thoughtful craftsmanship.


Juicer consumer groups mainly have two categories: one is a family with children or the elderly, children are prone to picky eaters and the elderly have bad teeth. Their own juice can meet their intake of adequate nutrition; the other is the pursuit of fashion and taste in the life of young people, juicer to meet their needs to advocate individual taste. With the improvement of the quality of life, the mindset of consumers from the most basic needs of life began to nutrition and healthy taste of life transition, which provides the possibility of a more popular juicer. Fruits and vegetables are the body’s main food intake of vitamins, research shows that people who often eat fruits and vegetables have a higher state of health than those who do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, especially in the prevention of disease, fruits and vegetables also have an irreplaceable role. Although fruits and vegetables are nutritious, many people do not like to eat them directly, so many families are equipped with a juicer to solve health problems.

Where to Find Small Kitchen Appliances Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

Many of the world’s home appliances are made in China. As one of the best professional companies, Everichhydro has focused on the manufacture of the drinkware and kitchenware industry for over 20 years. Everich And Tomic Housewares Co., Ltd. has rich experience in ODM&OEM orders and a creative design team, composed of 6 domestic and foreign designers. Besides, we also cooperate with many well-known artists and designers, with more than 100 new designs coming into the market every year. Based on our excellent quality and service, Everich And Tomic Housewares Co., Ltd. has long-term partnerships with many famous enterprises and products spreading all over the world.


Everich Hydro always takes consumers’ needs as the core and keeps expanding its business field to meet consumers’ needs of iterative updates through constant innovation, and is committed to providing consumers with one-stop solutions for wholesale small kitchen appliances.

Everich Hydro has been providing wholesale product solutions for the needs of users in different scenarios through a systematic innovation system. Everich Hydro insists on solving more difficult and painful points in the kitchen for consumers, carrying the desire of Everich to deliver a good life with thoughtful and good products, breaking through with the power of persistent innovation, leading the development of the industry, and forging an industry position.


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