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Most of the current insulated water bottles are mainly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a very widely used engineering material in the world today. It can be used in various industries and fields. Stainless steel is a prime choice for all materials, from consumer goods to cookware, and surgical instruments to roofing.

Corresponding to the wide application of stainless steel, fiber laser marking machine is a wide range of industrial marking tools. Whether these marks are simple letters and numbers representing the date of production, or more elaborate bar codes or QR codes, the fiber laser marking machine can complete the marking work. Whether the identification is a single line, outline, or fill font-no matter what the user has requirements, as long as the user can express these requirements on the drawing, the fiber laser marking machine can copy them to the metal material. You can keep all kinds of patterns on the cup body, and the two-dimensional code is not a problem. You can also customize the graphics according to the user, which is exclusive at any time.

In this article, Everichhydro will share with you that, how to customize logos for insulated water bottles/tumblers and mugs.

Can You Laser Engrave a Water Bottle?

As for the engraving of metal materials, a fiber laser marking machine is a great choice. As the laser marking machine is a marking (engraving, marking, coding) equipment that does not need consumables, the color of marking on the object is generally determined according to the material of the workpiece to be marked, the model used, the auxiliary materials used and the adjusted parameters, rather than what color you hope to print.

So, what color can a laser mark machine print on stainless steel? How can I configure and set up the laser machine accordingly? In fact, the laser machine can engrave black, white, gold, and colored stainless steel bottles/cups.

The optical fiber laser beam is transmitted by optical fiber, and the high-speed movement of the beam is controlled by X and Y scanning lenses (the speed is more than 3 times that of traditional marking machines), so as to process exquisite patterns. Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in the marking of vacuum cups. Whether you are in the insulated water bottle brand LOGO, text, or fine lines of the pattern, with fiber laser marking machine can be achieved.

Advantages of Laser Engraving Logo on Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Compared with the traditional way, fiber laser marking machine processing is very fast and has high precision. Graphics can be customized by computer programming, and environmental protection and health supplies are low. Therefore, laser marking has become a new type of processing. As long as the graphics system is, you can spot-proofing. It can be marked with the logo or holiday blessing.

Laser marking machines can mark all kinds of complex graphics, text, bar code, etc. on the cup and all kinds of materials; Fast and permanent marking.

Fiber laser marking machine is higher than other types of laser marking machine equipment, using a fully enclosed structure of the optical system beam quality, high conversion efficiency, with light path preview and red light focus indicating function light mode is good, light spot fine, through the control of high-precision ultra-speed scanning galvanometer, marking speed, marking lines more exquisite, software functions, user-friendly, with light path preview function, intuitive and accurate.

Fiber laser marking machines can be done on any product lettering processing has no difficulty, and laser engraving marks are clear, lasting, beautiful, and so on. The pattern of the carved article is fine, and the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm. It can also print a large amount of data on a very small plastic part, can print marks on any regular or irregular surface, and the product does not generate internal stress after marking, thereby ensuring the original precision of the product. no corrosion to the working surface, no wear, poison, or pollution. Changes in the environment (touch, acid, inert gases, high temperatures, low temperatures, etc.) do not fade the marking marks.

The fiber laser marking machine adopts fiber laser to output laser, which has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, small size, and maintenance-free. The laser wavelength is 1064nm, with good stability, high pulse frequency, and uniform carving lines; and has strong carving depth capability.

Marking range: the standard marking range of our fiber laser marking machine is 100mm×100 mm. In this marking range, the marking effect is very good. For the wholesale stainless steel water bottle, this marking range fully meets the demand.

Marking depth: the principle of the laser marking machine is to use a high-energy laser beam to act on the surface of the material, and expose the deep layer of material through the evaporation of the surface layer material, so as to carve out exquisite patterns, trademarks, or characters, leaving long-term marks. Engraving depth of our fiber laser marking machine: ≤0.8mm. This is a very shallow impression.

Features of Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Long service life: the service life of a fiber laser engraving machine is usually more than twice that of other types of fiber laser engraving machines. The average life of a fiber laser etching machine can reach about 100,000 hours.

Wide application: It can process many kinds of metal materials and non-metal materials, especially in high hardness, high burning point, and high brittleness materials.
Adopt air-cooled mode, the whole machine is small in size.

Power-saving: the current needed to work less than other laser engraving machines.

Reliability and stability: Fiber laser etching machine has many obvious advantages in fiber engraving, which greatly ensures the reliability of the system. At the same time, the laser is amplified by oscillation in the fiber waveguide, making it less dissipative and more stable. And it also helps fiber laser engravers produce a more stable beam, free from dust, gas, and lose mechanical parts.
Fiber laser etchers work well even in extreme environments, unaffected by wind, vibration, heat, or dust.
Fiber laser engraving machine energy-saving, minimal impact on the environment. it is also non-polluting and easy to handle.

The fiber laser markers deployed on the Everichhydro production line all use high-speed digital scanning heads, which engrave two to three times faster than traditional laser printers. The beam quality is high and near the diffraction limit, enabling finer engraving. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of fiber laser engraving machines is as high as 30%, and the power consumption is only about 10% of that of traditional similar products. The machine is computer controlled, which makes it more efficient and facilitates automation.

Everichhydro is one of the leading stainless steel drinkware manufacturers in China. We provide one-stop OEM/ODM vacuum container manufacturing services from product idea, 3D prototype fabrication, and tooling development to mass production. Contact us if you have any questions or assistance to order custom water bottles and tumblers or launch innovative drinkware products, you will get a response within 24 hours.


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