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With the popularity of dishwashers, consumers now tend to use machines to clean drinkware, including stainless steel water bottles and tumblers, or even BPA-free water bottles. Whether stainless steel water bottles are dishwasher safe becomes a major concern among buyers. In order to meet consumers’ demands and respond to their concerns, most of the leading insulated water bottle manufacturers began to conduct strict dishwasher testing on their own products to ensure that the powder coating does not fall off or fray and the heat preservation performs well during or after the dishwasher test.

The following are the specific test methods, test steps, and inspection standards of dishwasher testing for our insulated water bottle wholesale products.

Purpose of Dishwasher Testing

In today’s society, more and more people choose to use dishwashers in order to free their hands and save time. Dishwasher has a particularly wide range of applications. Dishwasher generally uses high temperature and high-pressure water + detergent to spray products from multiple angles for a long time to remove the dirt on the products. In keeping with the development of society, more and more people are demanding that stainless steel water bottle also pass the dishwasher test. Usually, stainless steel water bottle will be a surface treatment process. For example, the common spray paint, spray plastic, and silkscreen Logo are used. Due to the different batches of materials produced by the material supplier, the material performance is not stable. In this case, the dishwasher test may result in peeling, whitening, and scratches on the surface of the bottle body. The dishwasher test is a great way to measure the overall quality of the bottle. When the bottle is dishwasher tested, the cup body is not deformed or damaged and the surface treatment has no wear, no paint, no scratches, no abnormal performance, and appearance, then the bottle is good.

Equipment For Inspection And Testing

The water pressure can reach 50KPa, and the water temperature can reach 72℃. The dishwasher uses the motor to pressurize the water flow, uses the PTC device to heat up, and rinses the tableware in all directions through dozens of spray holes, which is more comprehensive and thorough than hand washing, and the washing is cleaner. The high-temperature water flow also has a certain disinfection effect, and the sterilization rate of common bacteria can reach more than 99%. The stainless steel water bottle is 304 inner and outer, which can be dishwasher safe.

Test Standard & Criteria

Stainless steel water bottle must resist 10 dishwasher cycles on the bottom rack in a standard household dishwasher at a temperature of 67℃ ± 12℃ (152.5°F ± 21.5°F) using a standard household detergent for a full wash, rinse (at the temperature of 82-85℃) and dry cycle time of approximately 55 – 90 minutes. 20-25g of detergent must be used for 18.9 – 22.7L (5-6gal) of total water consumption; pre-rinse, wash and rinse. No noticeable color changes are allowed; peeling of paint or logo is not allowed. No distorting, cracking, or leaking between the liner and outer is acceptable. The body and lid (if applicable) must assemble and function properly after DEW cycles per lid fit requirement. Allow product to air dry for 24 hrs. before final examination and post-washing tests. Then test according to finishing and printing adhesion test requirements.

Application Scope

Mainly used for tableware washing, has a wide range of practicability. Can be used to clean tableware, dinner plates, trays, etc.Material like stainless steel, glass, ceramic, plastic, silicone, etc.

Dishwasher Testing Steps

Before the test, the appearance and performance of all samples were tested to confirm that all samples had no problems in appearance and performance. Put the test sample in the dishwasher for automatic washing. After 90 minutes of washing each time, observe the abnormal surface coating. And then observe whether the final surface coating of the products is abnormal after continuous washing several times. During this period, the surface coating of the test sample shall not be discolored, shed, or deformed and the test sample shall not have any deformation or discoloration. After the dishwasher test, check the appearance and performance examination of the sample, if no peeling phenomenon was found on the surface coating and no damage to the bottle body, the test passed. Otherwise, it does not pass.

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