What Is The Most Eco-Friendly Material For Water Bottles?

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Everichhydro provides a wide range of water bottle materials. The alternatives of single-use water bottles to our material choices are significantly less environmentally friendly. Depending on the best material for the water bottle, it can be divided into glass, stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic. As a professional water bottle manufacturer in China, Everichhydro can offer eco-friendly materials including recycled stainless steel and recycled plastic to help you decide.

In this article, you will learn the major kinds of eco-friendly water bottle materials. From definition to advantages, choosing the right material for water bottle manufacturing. Let’s dive right in.

The Best Material For Water Bottles

We have prepared this guide to help you choose the custom water bottle. Here is a list of safe water bottle materials for you and the environment.

Recycled Stainless Steel: Recycled Percent Up To 90%

Taking a typical building or mechanical structure as an example, to achieve a 150-year lifespan, using aluminum alloy would result in emitting 8.5 tons of CO2 per ton of functional structure over 150 years. The efficiency of the material’s lifecycle can be quantified from production to manufacturing, processing, use, and recycling.

Quantitative analysis by organizations such as the International Stainless Steel Forum and the Yale University Industrial Economics Center on the inventory and flow cycle of stainless steel in 51 countries worldwide from 2000 to 2005 found that global stainless steel recycling increased by over 30%, with the main reason being the drive from the Chinese market.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic refers to plastic materials that have been processed and repurposed from waste or discarded plastic products, rather than being newly produced from raw materials. This process involves collecting, sorting, cleaning, and melting down plastic waste to create new products.

The use of recycled plastic can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills and oceans, conserve natural resources, and reduce the carbon footprint associated with plastic production.

Recycled PP

Recycled PP, also known as recycled polypropylene.  Recycling also refers to recycling, which is a general term for the second thermoplastic treatment of new raw materials.  After the general plastic is used once, it can be used as raw material again after the thermal extrusion granulation of the recycling machine, and the polypropylene material that has been recycled and extruded is called PP recycled material.

Tritan Renew

Tritan Renew is made using a process that involves recycling post-consumer plastic waste, such as water bottles, and transforming it into new, high-quality plastic.

Additionally, Tritan Renew is certified as safe for food contact by various regulatory agencies, making it a popular choice for food and beverage packaging.

Recycled PET

PET is widely used for liquid beverage packaging and is of course also suitable for water. It is tough, strong, hard, and has a very stable three-dimensional structure, plus it is transparent. I think PET is the most suitable material and is suitable for recycling.

Wholesale Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Manufacturer In China

As one of the best drinkware manufacturing companies, EVERICH AND TOMIC HOUSEWARES CO., LTD. We have specialized in manufacturing drinkware, kitchenware, and home appliance for over 20 years. We have rich experience in both ODM&OEM projects and orders. Our company has a creative design team, composed of 35 domestic and foreign designers. Meanwhile, we have a professional engineering team, covering drinkware, kitchenware, pet, bag, and home appliance product range. Based on our excellent quality and one-stop service, our company has long-term and firm partnerships with many famous enterprises, and the products spreading all over the world.

As a professional plastic water bottle manufacturer, Everichhydro has passed certifications including:

RCS: recycled claim standard

The purpose of RCS certification is to ensure that products contain recycled materials, which helps consumers trust that the products they purchase contain recycled materials. Choosing products made from recycled materials, as certified by RCS, helps increase the use of recycled materials and reduce waste. The standards used by RCS are aligned with regulatory requirements, specifically, the CCS, which helps ensure consistency and improve efficiency in the certification process. Everichhydro has been certified to meet CCS standards, other supply chain requirements are based on CCS, reducing the need for redundant certifications.

GRS: global recycled standard

GRS stands for Global Recycled Standard. The GRS certification system is based on integrity and includes requirements in five main areas: environmental protection, traceability, recycled labels, social responsibility, and general principles. The certificate is valid for one year and the GRS standard applies to products with a recycled content of 20% or more.


Everichhydro has a large variety of stainless steel water bottles and BPA-free water bottles available in various capacities and styles. Besides, there are variations available that come with or without straw. Various sizes are available, so you can pick the one that meets your demands.


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