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The practical value of the electric kettle is mainly reflected in the fast heating speed, generally burning a pot of water for as long as 5-8 minutes. The electric kettle is a kind of energy-saving rapid heating appliance. Electric kettle in the gift industry is also a big market, almost every unit at the end of the year will choose some relatively cheap electronic gifts, small appliances gifts as workers’ hair welfare. The electric kettle is some units choose more of a small kitchen appliances gift.

In this article, we will introduce a whole purchase guide of wholesale electric kettles from manufacturers to raw materials. Let’s dive right in.

Top 3 Electric Water Kettle Manufacturers In China

Foshan Grealt Appliance Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Hua Ming, who started his own business in Danzao, separated part of his original thermostat research and development team and set up Grealt, which began to focus on the research, development, production, and sales of electric kettles. At present, Grealt has a production base in Foshan, Guangdong, and a large production base in Huai’an, Jiangsu, and is one of the largest electric kettle manufacturers in China and the only professional electric kettle manufacturer in the world that develops and produces all its own thermostats, heating plates, connectors, power cords, and internal connecting wires. Because all these components are developed and produced by Grealt itself, it is better to do the overall optimization and thus improve the performance and quality of the whole kettle. These components are also basically the best in their respective fields.

With excellent quality and continuous innovation for technical upgrading, Grealt has more than 20,000 domestic sales outlets, and its products have been stationed in Wal-Mart, Metro, RT-Mart, Carrefour, and other famous stores; meanwhile, the electric kettle is exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and more than 50 countries and regions.

While the material has been extended from plastic to stainless steel and glass, Grealt electric kettles have gradually added hollow anti-scald, intelligent control, and health and wellness features to meet people’s demand for quality of life. Since its establishment, Grealt has gradually changed its business philosophy and implemented the “professional because of focus” business policy, changing from the production of a wide range of small home appliances to specializing in the production of electric kettles. This shift has allowed the company to concentrate its technology and equipment on production and development with a focused spirit.

Hefei Royalstar Small Appliance Co., Ltd.

Royalstar is a well-known brand of home appliances in China. Royalstar has three major R&D and production bases in Hefei, Guangdong, and Zhejiang, with an annual production capacity of RMB 2.6 billion. The Hefei base is located in the Sixth Industrial Park of Hefei Shuangfeng Industrial Zone, covering an area of 66,000 square meters, and is an important support project for the industrial development of Hefei City. The Guangdong base covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with a warehouse of 15,000 square meters, and is a modern industrial park integrating R&D, production, warehousing, and logistics on the platform of Royalstar’s small household appliance holding company, Rong De Electrical Company, as well as the Guangdong branch of Royalstar’s Central Research Institute and small household appliance research center; the Zhejiang base builds an industrial supporting platform with its industrial advantages. The three bases echo each other, forming a strategic pattern of linking the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and six central provinces.

Everich And Tomic Housewares Co., Ltd.

Find a high-quality electric kettle manufacturer at Everichhydro. We provide high-quality electric kettle wholesale products. A minimalist design that combines quality and aesthetics. Considering four elements in the product design process, including water boiling function, safety, materials, and experience, covering all use scenarios in your life. An electric kettle with an opening angle higher than 75° for easy daily cleaning. The stainless steel body is made of thicker material than plastic, and because of the hollow layer, it is well-insulated and does not burn your hands when the water is boiling. The one-piece 304 stainless steel liner is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, and the one-piece wraparound spout gathers water and prevents scalding.

As one of the best professional companies, Everichhydro has focused on the manufacture of the drinkware and kitchenware industry for over 20 years. Everich And Tomic Housewares Co., Ltd. has rich experience in ODM&OEM orders and a creative design team, composed of 6 domestic and foreign designers. Besides, we also cooperate with many well-known artists and designers, with more than 100 new designs coming into the market every year. Based on our excellent quality and service, Everich And Tomic Housewares Co., Ltd. has long-term partnerships with many famous enterprises, and the products spreading all over the world. Our product range includes drinkware (stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles, tumblers, mugs, coffee pots, BPA-free water bottles, beer growlers), kitchenware (lunch boxes, lunch jars, kettle, blender, juicer, air fryer), and related accessories(lid, straw, infuser, sleeve&bag).

How To Choose A Good Electric Kettle For Your Business

Inner Liner Material

Electric kettles are used for boiling water, and the water that is boiled is meant to be drunk by us into our bodies. If the material of the electric kettle is unsafe and toxic, then the boiled water will be toxic, which will slowly affect our health. Putting aside the issue of water quality, the inner material of the electric kettle is in direct contact with the water, so the inner material should be chosen to meet the food safety level. The inner liner material is made of stainless steel, ceramic and plastic.

Stainless steel

The majority of stainless steel used for domestic appliances is 304 stainless steel, which is food-grade stainless steel.

Advantages: strong and durable, corrosion resistant, not easy to rust, does not produce any toxic substances

Disadvantages:  long-term use will accumulate water scale


Advantages: ceramic material can be glazed with color before firing. It will look beautiful and classy, also has good resistance to corrosion, is non-toxic and durable

Disadvantages: fragile, need to be handled lightly, slightly more expensive


The preferred glass material is high borosilicate glass.

Advantages: high-temperature resistance, transparent appearance, versatile (used for making coffee, Chinese medicine, etc.)

Disadvantages: Fragile


Silicone is a chemically stable, highly reactive absorbent material that does not react with any substance other than strong acids and alkalis. Silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 200°. Silicone pacifiers for babies can be boiled in boiling water for more than 10 minutes to sterilize them, without damaging the material and without affecting the baby’s health.

Advantages: non-toxic, foldable, easy to store, good thermal stability

Disadvantages: low power


For plastic inner liners, many manufacturers’ instructions written with food-grade material, that is, the material is polypropylene is considered safe.

Disadvantages: In short usage time, plastic material is not a big problem to deal with in a short period of time, but long time use at high temperatures will age and produce toxic substances to health.

Advantages: cheap


There are two types of thermostats used by domestic brands. One is the imported British STRIX thermostat and the other is the domestic ABRAZO thermostat. Both with automatic power-off and anti-dry-burn functions, the difference in safety is not great.


Boil water, cut off power

The working principle of the electric kettle is that the water steam generated when the water boils deforms the bimetal of the steam-sensing element, and this deformation pushes the power switch to cut off the electricity through the lever principle. This deformation pushes the power switch through the lever principle. The power failure is not self-resettable, so the kettle will not automatically reheat after the power failure. If the steam switch fails, the water in the kettle will continue to boil until the water is boiled dry, the temperature of the heating element rises sharply, and there are two bimetallic pieces located at the bottom of the heating plate, which will rise sharply in temperature due to heat conduction, expand and deform, disconnecting the power supply, which is often referred to as the anti-dry burning function.

Temperature control

The set temperature section is for those who have a strong need for water temperature, or for amnesiacs who often forget they have boiled water, consider an electric kettle with this feature. The ability to control the temperature after boiling is something I feel is quite necessary, both to keep the temperature under tight control and to prevent boiling water from getting cold when you are busy. If the temperature becomes controllable, then the uses become much more flexible. Temperature-controlled electric kettles are mainly divided into single-stage and multi-stage temperature control. Single-stage temperature control: only the pre-set temperature is maintained after the water has boiled. Multi-stage temperature control: After the water has boiled, the temperature can be adjusted repeatedly.

Instant boil and drink

Strictly speaking, this should not be considered a function of what we normally think of as an electric kettle anymore. This is because there is no heating and boiling process. It is therefore necessary to use direct drinking water (i.e. water that can be consumed directly) during use. The advantage of this type of machine is that the temperature can be adjusted at any time and the amount of water dispensed can be controlled (e.g. 150 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml). This is ideal for users who frequently switch between temperature ranges. It is worth mentioning that the instantaneous electric kettle was invented by our countrymen and China owns the intellectual property rights. Its core element, the “gall-less boiler”, is a new way of heating.


For over 20 years, Everichhydro has always put consumers’ using feelings and the best output effect in first place, striving to be a good helper in your daily life. Through insight into the details and needs of life, combined with advanced technology and materials, kitchen appliance wholesale distributors continue to provide users with innovative, high-quality, design-led small kitchen appliances products that make home life easier and better, and fill your home with novelty and fun, so that you are happy to put life’s inspiration into action and better express your love for your family.


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