What’s The Difference Between Travel Mug And Tumbler?

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What Is A Travel Mug? 

A reusable travel mug, as its name has told you, is a beverage container designed for travel. This kind of mug is often made of double-walled stainless steel with insulation technology that can keep beverages such as tea and coffee piping hot for 10 hours. Because the portability and convenience of a travel mug is a must, it is then equipped with a leak-proof lid to seal the beverage and some mugs even have handles. The straw is not indispensable and some travel mugs may have a built-in straw for hydration. A travel mug is suitable for outdoor events such as camping, barbecue, outing and hiking. Besides, the small size of travel mugs is also favored by office men and ladies who use them during daily commuting.
A travel mug has the excellent heat-retaining capability so it is better for you to use it holding hot liquids. If it is a premium mug, there would be no sweating or condensation issue on the body of the mug, and you can simply use it as a smaller insulated water bottle. There is a variety of lid styles of travel mugs, and the most frequently seen ones are the push-on lid and the sliding lid. Everich suggests you pick up the one with a push-on lid, which is safer and allows you to put the mug in your bag carefreely while you are on errands.

What Is A Tumbler?

Unlike a travel mug that mainly holds hot liquids such as water and tea, a tumbler is designed for cold beverages like carbonated soft drinks, lemonade and chilling cocktails. Wholesale tumblers in the drinkware market can be divided into two types: the one made by stainless steel SUS304 and the one made by plastics. A stainless steel 18-8 tumbler is both suitable for holding piping hot and icy cold drinks and is much more durable than a plastic one. If equipped with double-walled insulation technology, a tumbler of premium quality is then capable of keeping drinks warm for 4 hours or cold for up to 8 hours. The big opening of a tumbler offers convenience when it comes to drinking and cleaning, while it may also give you a face wash if used carelessly. Most of the lids of tumblers are not leak-proof so you are not supposed to put them in the bag while on the go. Since tumblers are perfect for holding cold liquids, it is often the case that most of the tumblers have a straw, which can be made either by stainless steel or plastics. Everich suggests you to buy a tumbler with a stainless steel straw that can, without imparting odors to your favorite drinks, present to you the authentic flavor of the drinks.
Actually, tumblers are increasingly welcomed by DIY enthusiasts who long for the personalized and home-made design. Nowadays, people love making DIY glitter tumblers (Click and read more about Entire Process of Glitter Tumbler DIY) that are extraordinarily beautiful and reflect their ingenuity as well as individuality. Besides, a tumbler with custom logo is also a perfect gift for colleagues, friends and family!


Insulated tumblers and travel mugs are relatively common in everyday life. Everich has been developing, producing, and marketing water bottles for more than 20 years. Our product range includes stainless steel water bottles, tumblers&mugs, water jugs, BPA-free water bottles, and other drinkware. We have a rich ODM&OEM experience and we can offer a free customization service. As an experienced stainless steel bottle manufacturer, Everich can give you the best price, the best quality, and the most professional sales team. Please feel free to contact us, and learn more about insulated tumblers & travel mugs!


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