Where to Buy Wholesale Stainless Steel Tumblers in Bulk?

where to buy wholesale stainless steel tumblers

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Looking for where to buy wholesale stainless steel tumblers? It’s time to come to Everich Hydro and start up your new cooperation. Everich Hydro offers your company a choice of stainless steel tumblers in different styles and variants. Don’t settle for overpriced wholesale quotations and limited selection, Everich Hydro always provides you with good quality, more customization options, better insulation effect, and a good price.

This article mainly introduces that the tumbler market is growing, China leading export record of stainless steel, how to find a wholesaler of tumbler and the Well-known Chinese wholesale tumbler manufacturers.

Why Customers Like To Use Stainless Steel Tumblers

The tumbler market is expected to grow from 2020 to 2026. lucintel forecasts that the two largest and fastest growing tumblers in the market for all types of tumblers are tumblers with lids and stainless steel tumblers. People are starting to focus on the stainless steel roller wholesale market.

According to Transparency Market Research, revenue from covered tumblers is expected to reach $2.5 billion U.S. from 2018 to 2023, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%.

With the popularity of lidded glasses, steel cups are also becoming popular. According to the same report, stainless steel tumblers are expected to deliver a CAGR of 5.8% through 2026. in 2018, sales of stainless steel tumblers generated revenues of approximately $730 million.

The increased demand for non-tumblers is attributed to the opportunities for fitness, travel, and outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and camping. Stainless steel tumblers offer efficient insulation, durability, and lightness, making them a viable product.

There is also additional demand for creative and attractive wine products, custom gifts, corporate and promotional matching cups. Non-tumblers are environmentally friendly and can be a good alternative to plastic containers, thus increasing their appeal.

How To Find A Wholesale Stainless Steel Tumbler Manufacturers

Attend A Local Trade Fair

This is a very effective way to work with wholesale stainless steel tumbler supplier who may work with you. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours. If you find a tumbler you like during the exhibition, you can exchange contact information with the wholesaler.

Use Google Search Keywords Like”Wholesale Stainless Steel Tumbler”

Google is always the ideal resource for startups and mature bottle makers. By Googling ‘Wholesale Stainless Steel Tumbler’, you should be able to find wholesale stainless steel tumbler supplier that you can work with.
Research and initiate a request for quotation on their website, based on the availability of production capabilities, custom design capabilities, competitive pricing, and Comprehensive consideration to find the most trustworthy wholesale tumbler supplier.

Directly Browse B2B Platforms

● Made in China:

Headquartered in China, Made in China is one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms. It is known for providing high-quality products to buyers around the world and is China’s first B2B e-commerce platform to conduct a comprehensive review of paying suppliers. The website has more than 12,000 stainless steel products. They sell attractive stainless steel accompanying cups in various colors. The minimum order required is your order.

● Alibaba:

Founded by Jack Maa, Alibaba is one of the world’s largest small business B2B trading platforms. This website provides all the products you wish to have. It has many categories, including agriculture, food, clothing, textiles, automobiles, transportation, luggage, shoes, electronics, gifts, sports, toys and more. Alibaba, one of the leading air freight companies, also has stainless steel products on its website. They sell various stainless steel accompanying tumblers of different colors and shapes at reasonable prices.

EVERICH has many Shops on Alibaba. We sell stainless steel bottle, tea products, wine products, coffee products, cooler and outdoor series. We also have our own brand of thermos ‘Tomic’. Search ‘Everich’ or ‘Tomic’ and you’ll find us.

Search Everich Hydro- Find Wholesale Tumbler Supplier Directly

Everich And Tomic Housewares born in 2000, We seek to live up to our brand name—Everichhydro. To that end, we make our best to make our drinkware and kitchenware series not only famous for their excellence, which could be proven by 12 million pieces annual export volume, but also well-known for inspiring people in daily home life. Our drinkware and kitchenware seriese are a connection between people and nature. We provide One-stop service from idea design to production to transportation and help you standing out from the market. Contact Us Now.


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